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Intelligent Synchronization Module (ISM)

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The GE Digital Energy’s ISM allows the synchronization of two independent groups of parallel UPSs each containing a maximum of six UPS units of equal rating from 10-500kVA. The redundant power supply and communication with the parallel groups (as with GE’s unique RPA) makes the ISM highly reliable, ensuring synchronization of the two groups at each condition.

Liên hệ

Group A and B are synchronized continuously so the static transfer switch can transfer the critical load from group A to group B or vice versa.


Features and Benefits

·        Redundant Power Supply providing highest reliability

·        Redundant Communication Bus tolerating an accidental cable cut

·        CRC Code(Cyclic Redundancy Check) for increased robustness of communication

·        High Precision Synchronization enabling seamless transfer from one source to the other

·        Top and Bottom Cable access for easy installation

·        Compatible with GE Digital Energy’s SitePro and SG-CE Series UPS and with GE’s unique RPA concept *

·        Global Power Supply Voltage for worldwide usage (208 or 400 or 480Vac)

·        Synchronizes 2 groups of max. 6 UPS units (ranging from 10-500kVA) each offering great flexibility

·        User Friendly Control Panel providing complete information on the spot


·        Topology: synchronization of 2 groups of max. 6 UPS each

·        Compatibility: SitePro UPS (S6 only) and SG Series

·        Input voltage (power supply): 208 / 400 / 480 Vac 50/60 Hz

·        Safety standards: EN 50091-1, IEC 62040-1, IEC 60950

·        Addition to standard UPS: all UPS units need to be equipped with RPA




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