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Intelligent Synchronization Module (ISM)

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Group A and B are synchronized continuously so the static transfer switch can transfer the critical load from group A to group B or vice versa.














Features and Benefits

·        Redundant Power Supply providing highest reliability

·        Redundant Communication Bus tolerating an accidental cable cut

·        CRC Code(Cyclic Redundancy Check) for increased robustness of communication

·        High Precision Synchronization enabling seamless transfer from one source to the other

·        Top and Bottom Cable access for easy installation

·        Compatible with GE Digital Energy’s SitePro and SG-CE Series UPS and with GE’s unique RPA concept *

·        Global Power Supply Voltage for worldwide usage (208 or 400 or 480Vac)

·        Synchronizes 2 groups of max. 6 UPS units (ranging from 10-500kVA) each offering great flexibility

·        User Friendly Control Panel providing complete information on the spot


·        Topology: synchronization of 2 groups of max. 6 UPS each

·        Compatibility: SitePro UPS (S6 only) and SG Series

·        Input voltage (power supply): 208 / 400 / 480 Vac 50/60 Hz

·        Safety standards: EN 50091-1, IEC 62040-1, IEC 60950

·        Addition to standard UPS: all UPS units need to be equipped with RPA



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